Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hey, internet. Long time no blog.

Probably because the past two months have been more or less crappy, which has turned me into a bit of a sourpuss, which in turn makes me post really jaded humourless crap like my last blogpost.

So I'm going to stop being a little bitch now and shan't bore you with the details of aforementioned crappy events. I'm going to look at the bright side instead.

Bright side #1:
I am going to eat prawns in 14 days. 

ZOMG I love prawns, don't you? I haven't eaten prawns in five months! Because I live far away from the shore, in Delhi (where only rich people can afford prawns at super fancy restaurants where they 'import sea food'). But I'm flying home in two weeks (PRAWNS!), which is like a million bright sides by itself.

Bright side #2:
I'm not puking my guts out anymore.

I was, a few days ago, because when the weather in Delhi changes in Summer, it's so bad that it makes people literally sick. But I'm getting better.

Bright side #3:
I have the awesomest flatmate in the whole world. 

He's not even three yet, but he can play my tabla set like a pro, and we have deep philosophical conversations (Me: But what if the universe is just the physical manifestation of our collective conscience, man? Him: *giggles and runs away*) and he enjoys throwing my hairbrush at people and repeating my name to remind me what it is in case I forget (he yells 'SHABAAAAA' when he sees me, which is close enough really).

Bright side #4:
I am a big fat nerd.

My attempts at 'exam preparations' were derailed lately with a full-on return to internet-style procrastination, whether it's Facebook or this blogpost or just lulling about on Cracked or xkcd, I have failed to muster the energy to give a shit enough to study. But I took out my books today to help a friend with her exam preparations and discovered that I already knew my material despite the lack of formal preparation, because the dork is strong in this one.

Bright side #5:
I have a debit card and access to Amazon.

OH SHI- you know what that means. (I'm sorry, mother, but you should have known better than to trust me with a debit card and the interwebz). Yep, time to get some randomass cool shit that isn't available in this here part of the world. Got my eye on some amazing pop-up books lately.

Bright side #6:
I met Johnny Depp at the market. 

And we did a choreographed dance together after which I asked him why he wore those stupid hipster glasses which obscured his beautifully chiseled face. Then I flapped my arms and flew into the sky while making bird noises. Well I dreamt all that, but still. It counts. 'Cause it was amazing.

Bright side #7:
I'm going to hug this in two weeks.

Caesar has turned into an asshole, he doesn't like being petted anymore, and he only comes near you when he wants food. But I don't care. He's SO FLUFFEH I could die.   




    TheGrandConjuration <3

  2. Yeah.. No other than place heaven like home..
    Best of Luck..

    Started following your blog recently..keep writing..

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