Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The whole six yards

R is getting married in December this year and in lieu of the epicness of the impending wedding, the gang's decided to go all out and wear sarees for the occasion! I was up for the idea mostly in the name of comedy, because we aren't usually fancy-saree girls, we're more the baggy-tshirts-and-play-mortal-kombat type. So it's going to be pretty hilarious when we all turn up looking fabulous in spiffy sarees. My sense of humour is warped, I know.

An Indian friend taught me to drape one today. And I don't know about you guys, but I think the saree is the sexiest, most beautiful thing a woman can wear. It's gorgeous, the pleats, the draping, the elegance. It's a shocker to me that girls pick their skinny jeans and short skirts over this one. 

But then again, donning six yards every morning isn't exactly a walk in the park. 


  1. On ethnic day last month, a girl in my class told me how a sari is "empowering". Though I am most comfortable with jeans and kurthas and now pattiyalas #TehLulz I do feel 'very' empowered in saris and dresses #FlowerPower