Sunday, 23 September 2012

The man without eyes

I realized today, that I have a crapload of work to do. But I painted the man without eyes instead of doing any of it. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I got through first year in university with such a penchant for indulging in bullshit that has nothing to do with the important stuff (what they say is the important stuff, anyway). 

Once I met a man without eyes. I stuck my finger where his eye should have been. He said, that's not very polite. I said, I'm sorry... How did you lose your eyes? He looked at me - well he would have looked if he could have - and he said, I never had any to begin with. I went close and I peeped in, through where-his-eyes-should-have-been. 'Looking for me?' said a little man sitting inside his head. 'Who the hell are you?' I asked. 'I'm the man without eyes', said the little man sitting inside the head of the man without eyes. 'No you're not! You're a little man sitting inside his head!' I argued. 'What's the difference between the man and the man inside the man's head?' said the little man, and went back to his knitting. The man without eyes said, have you been talking to the little man in my head? I said, yes. Don't listen to him, he replied, he's mad. Okay, I said, but why is he knitting? The man without eyes said, why wouldn't he be? This is weird, I said, you're a man without eyes, and there's a man sitting inside your head, and he's knitting. This is very weird! And very random! And doesn't make any sense at all! The man without eyes said, yes, but so is life! Then suddenly the little man poked his head out through where-the-eye-should-have-been and said, 'Aha! There's the punchline!' 

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  1. Three years in uni and I write the most when I have exams! I think I like India that way :D